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Game Theory for Political Scientists

by James D. Morrow

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Game theory is the mathematical analysis of strategic interaction. In the fifty years since the appearance of von Neumann and Morgenstern's classic Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (Pr


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Publisher: Princeton University Press (November 29, 1994)
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Game Theory for Political Scientists
For a recent discussion, see Colin FComputer science and logic[edit]Recreational games of perfect information games include chess and checkersTucker and RWBook Condition: NewArchived 15 May 2011 at the Wayback MachineThe book focuses on noncooperative game theory and its application to international relations, political economy, and American and comparative politicsCourse Description Course FeaturesExams and solutionsCourse Description Increasingly, political scientists are using game theory to analyze strategic interactions across many different settingsStochastic outcomes (and relation to other fields)[edit]Crawford (1997)v t e Topics in game theory Definitions Normal-form game Extensive-form game Escalation of commitment Graphical game Cooperative game Simultaneous action selection Solved game Succinct game Information set Hierarchy of beliefs Preference Equilibrium concepts Nash equilibrium Subgame perfection Mertens-stable equilibrium Bayesian Nash equilibrium Perfect Bayesian equilibrium Trembling hand Proper equilibrium Epsilon-equilibrium Correlated equilibrium Sequential equilibrium Quasi-perfect equilibrium Evolutionarily stable strategy Risk dominance Core Shapley value Pareto efficiency Gibbs equilibrium Quantal response equilibrium Self-confirming equilibrium Strong Nash equilibrium Markov perfect equilibrium Strategies Dominant strategies Pure strategy Mixed strategy Strategy-stealing argument Tit for tat Grim trigger Collusion Backward induction Forward induction Markov strategy Classes of games Symmetric game Perfect information Simultaneous game Sequential game Repeated game Signaling game Screening game Cheap talk Zero-sum game Mechanism design Bargaining problem Stochastic game n-player game Large Poisson game Nontransitive game Global game Strictly determined game Potential game Games Chess Infinite chess Checkers Tic-tac-toe Prisoner's dilemma Optional prisoner's dilemma Traveler's dilemma Coordination game Chicken Centipede game Volunteer's dilemma Dollar auction Battle of the sexes Stag hunt Matching pennies Ultimatum game Rockpaperscissors Pirate game Dictator game Public goods game Blotto game War of attrition El Farol Bar problem Fair division Fair cake-cutting Cournot game Deadlock Diner's dilemma Guess 2/3 of the average Kuhn poker Nash bargaining game Prisoners and hats puzzle Trust game Princess and Monster game Rendezvous problem Theorems Minimax theorem Nash's theorem Purification theorem Zermelo's theorem Folk theorem Revelation principle Arrow's impossibility theorem Key figures Albert WYu-Chi Ho: What is Mathematical Game Theory; What is Mathematical Game Theory (#2); What is Mathematical Game Theory (#3); What is Mathematical Game Theory (#4)-Many person game theory; What is Mathematical Game Theory?( #5) Finale, summing up, and my own view This means that the altruistic individual, by ensuring that the alleles of its close relative are passed on, (through survival of its offspring) can forgo the option of having offspring itself because the same number of alleles are passed onReview: "James Morrow's superb book provides the best account of ideas from game theory tailored to the interests of political scientists, which is currently available."--The Times Higher Education Supplement "About this title" may belong to another edition of this titleIn 1938, the Danish mathematical economist Frederik Zeuthen proved that the mathematical model had a winning strategy by using Brouwer's fixed point theorem.[6] In his 1938 book Applications aux Jeux de Hasard and earlier notes, mile Borel proved a minimax theorem for two-person zero-sum matrix games only when the pay-off matrix was symmetricA game-theoretic explanation for democratic peace is that public and open debate in democracies send clear and reliable information regarding their intentions to other statesv

The focus of attention is usually not so much on the best way to play such a game, but whether one player has a winning strategyEconomics and business[edit]Many-player and population games[edit]epigenetics, religion, science, etc.) persisted through time the playing field becomes larger still, and the discrepancies smallerBrams, Game theory and the Cuban missile crisis, Plus Magazine, 1 January 2001, accessed 31 January 2016Quine, W.v.O (1967), "Truth by Convention", Philosophica Essays for A.NHart, ed., Handbook of Game Theory with Economic Applications, Elsevier, v.3, ppBingley: Emerald Group Publishing^ a b Myerson, Roger BIt provides everything you need to know to be comfortable with Game TheoryMain article: Evolutionary game theoryAn appendix reviews relevant mathematical techniquesInteresting examples of perfect-information games include the ultimatum game and centipede gameAntonin Kucera: Stochastic Two-Player GamesAlgorithmic Game Theory, Cambridge University PressIn such cases, cooperative game theory provides a simplified approach that allows to analyze the game at large without having to make any assumption about bargaining powers1 Overview 1 What Is Game Theory? 1 What Can You Do with Game Theory? 2 Four Problems in Political Science 3 Why Model? 6 The Rational Choice Approach to Social Modeling 7ChIt is argued that the assumptions made by game theorists are often violated when applied to real world situationsMore generally it can be represented by any function that associates a payoff for each player with every possible combination of actionsMany games studied by game theorists (including the famed prisoner's dilemma) are non-zero-sum games, because the outcome has net results greater or less than zero 81186be442

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